primarily for sale are top-quality frames from the 19th century.

artists frequently take the frame into consideration when they begin work on a new piece. a contemporary picture-based frame completes paintings or graphic artworks, turning them into representative artworks. authentic and high-quality old frames thereby increase the value of the artworks and your collection.

the displayed frames are meant to provide examples of what is available. the selection of rare frames is constantly changing and being updated. the items are shown in ascending size. if an item is selected, then a pop-up window with text and image will provide further information.

we would be happy to look for specific old frames and mirrors for you. please send a mail with your informations.

custom restorations, modifications or additions can, upon request, be carried out according to your specifications by qualified experts (restoration, gilding, glaziery, setting the frame with other metals and colors). a woodcarver specialized in frame building can reconstruct lost parts or even entire frames for you.

you may make an appointment to view selected items in berlin. contact

price quotations are made upon receipt of a written request. please bear in mind the general terms and conditions. professional advice and complete discretion go without saying.